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Year: 2562
Year No.: 11
Volume: 1
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1 Polygala perdurans Pendry (Polygalaceae), a new record for Thailand
2 Two new species records of Spatholobus Hassk. (Leguminosae- Papilionoideae) for Thailand
3 Sacciolepis chantaranothainiana (Poaceae): a new species from Thailand
4 Notes on identity of Castanopsis megaphylla Hu (Fagaceae), and its new record for the fl ora of Vietnam
5 Wood anatomical study of Thai traditional Chan Khao crude drug
6 Effects of putrescine treatment on cell wall-degrading enzymes of ‘Nam Dok Mai No.4’ mango fruit during storage
7 Interactive effects of nitrate and phosphorus concentrations on growth, NO3 - uptake and minerals accumulation of Salvinia cucullata Roxb. ex Bory and Azolla pinnata R. Br.
ผลของความเข้มข้นของไนเทรตและฟอสฟอรัสต่อการเติบโต การดูดซับไนเทรต และการสะสมธาตุอาหาร ในเนื้อเยื่อของจอกหูหนู (Salvinia cucullata Roxb. ex Bory) และแหนแดง (Azolla pinnata R. Br.)
8 Effect of 6-Benzyladenine and culture conditions on shoot multiplication and microrhizome induction in Zingiber ottensii Valeton in vitro

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