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Title: A review on the ethnobotany of exotic species in Thailand I: Mimosa pudica L. (Leguminosae)
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Pages: 79 - 94
Year: 2565
Year No.: 14
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     Mimosa pudica L. is one of the serious invasive species in Thailand. However, the plant has been widely used by local healers asone of the prominent medicinal species. In this review,the ethnobotanical data of M. pudica in Thailandwere analyzed from 54 references which 206 use-reportswere received. The plant is mostly used as local medicine totreat diverse medical conditions from general to specific disorders. The versatility of uses of the plant could be explained by itspossession of many pharmacological activities. Mimosa pudicacould be a good candidate for future medical exploration, however, itshould be used with carefulness.

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