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Title: Chemotaxonomic study of volatile oils from rhizomes of 9 Zingiber species (Zingiberaceae)
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Pages: 127 - 139
Year: 2559
Year No.: 8
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     The chemical compositions of volatile oils from rhizomes of 9 Zingiber species were elucidated by GC/MS technique. One hundred and seventeen compounds, ca. 96.83–100% of the total amounts of oils were identified by comparing their mass fragmentation pattern with Adams Essential Oil Mass Spectral library. This study provided the first report on the chemical compositions of volatile oils of Z. pyroglossum and Z. junceum. Based on the dendrogram, Zingiber species were categorized into twoclusters. The first cluster is high content of phenyl propanoids and hydrocarbon compounds, which constitute Z. nivieum, Z. pyroglossum, Z. junceum and Zingiber species 1. The second cluster is high content of monoterpene hydrocarbons, oxygenated monoterpenes and sesquiteterpene hydrocarbons, which include Z. ottensii, Z. montanum, Z. officinale, Z. zurumbet, and Zingiber species 2. The experimental results showed that the information on chemical compositions of volatile oils might be useful to the chemotaxonomic study for the genus Zingiber.

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