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Title: Identifi cation and characterization of candidate genes related to latex yield in the inner bark tissues of rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis)
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Pages: 207 - 214
Year: 2553
Year No.: 2
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Abstract:         Rubber breeding program continuously attempts to create and select new high latex yielding clones. Molecular study is one of the most promising ways to obtain markers for rubber breeding program. However, little is known regarding the molecular events related to latex yield. The goal of this study is to identify genes differentially expressed in the phloem of the high- and low-yielding rubber tree in relation to latex yield. To identify such latex yield related genes, two cDNA libraries, Bark High Yielding (BH) and Bark Low Yielding (BL), were constructed using the suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH) technique. Among the 2,774 ESTs sequenced from these two SSH cDNA libraries, one EST sequence encoding an invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor was found in the BL-SSH library only. Quantitative RT-PCR showed an inverse relationship between latex yield and expression level of this invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor gene. This gene was expressed at a higher level in low-yielding trees compared to in high-yielding ones. Moreover, it was down-regulated in ethylene-stimulated trees. This invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor gene may play a role in controlling cellular metabolism, and thus be involved in latex yield.
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