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Title: Vegetation structure and plant species composition of the valley bottom wetland Gangtey-Phobji, Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan
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Pages: 101 - 125
Year: 2564
Year No.: 13
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Understanding wetland vegetation and plant species composition are crucial for wetland ecosystem restoration and sustainable biodiversity conservation. The floristic composition was collected with 170 stratified quadrat sampling of 1 × 1 m2, 4 × 4 m2 and 10 × 10 m2 for herbs, shrubs and trees. The results showed that a total of 241 species belonging to 173 genera and 75 families were found. Of these, they are 220 angiosperms, 3 gymnosperms, 5 bryophytes and 13 monilophytes. The most abundant life forms were herbaceous with 87%, shrub with 9% and 2% of trees and climbers in the wetland. The three different schematic profile diagram represents general vegetation structure and unique habitats of Gangtey-Phobji wetland,one of the largest high-altitude wetland. The conservation agencies can use the study findings for appropriate conservation of wetlands in the Himalayan, Bhutan.

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