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Title: Perspectives on orchid conservation in Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden: recommendations based on a SWOT analysis
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Pages: 1 - 13
Year: 2553
Year No.: 2
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Abstract:         Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden (QSBG) offers eminent conditions for growing native Thai orchid species and for contributing to the conservation of these species, both ex
situ and in the wild. Based on a SWOT analysis, it is suggested that a more strategically structured organization of orchid-related activities in the garden may greatly facilitate QSBG’s
development into a science-based orchid conservation centre for Thailand and adjoining areas. Specifi cally, it is recommended that the activities should be combined into three basic
components: (1) A “diversity collection” accommodating an immense number of native Thai orchid species – and serving the purposes of ex situ conservation and of PR, teaching and
structural/taxonomic research that may directly or indirectly support in situ conservation; (2 )a “propagation centre” for experimental ex situ research in germination, mycorrhiza and
inbreeding vs outbreeding depression, and for propagating shifting priority species for reintroduction or reinforcement programmes; (3) a “fi eld research unit” responsible for mapping ecological requirements of species that are high-profi le candidates for reintroduction or reinforcement projects, and for providing molecular data for pinpointing genetically depleted populations that could benefi t particularly from reinforcement. Additionally, it is emphasized that collaboration between QSBG and other scientifi c institutions should be further developed for the benefi t of everyone involved – and for the benefi t of orchid conservation.
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