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Satellite Gardens and Important resources
  • Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden
            Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden located in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. The total area is approximately 3,500 Rai and acts as a conservation and collection of plants center. Specific to the Greenhouse which gather variety habitat plants to each house for displaying. People can come to learn and do many activities such as relaxing and travelling. The garden was originated and named ‘Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden’ since 1994, is the first garden of the Botanical Garden Organization, Thailand.
  • Romklao Botanic Garden, Phitsanuloke
            Romklao Botanic Garden locate on 1,385 Rai area, at an elevation of 750-1250 meters above sea level in Amphur Chattrakan, Phitsanulok province which is regarded as one of the natural attractions place. The garden is including more than 300 new species discovered in the world, for example Bauhinia siamensis K. & S. S. Larsen., family of FABACEAE. Also present the gathered rose more than 130 species which has mainly taken from Phu Ping palace.
  • Phra-maeyah Botanic Garden, Sukhothai
            Phra-maeyah Botanic Garden has approximate 7,070 Rai of area and 3,755 Rai can hold water about 32.40 million cubic meters, starting from January 2007 and construction was completed on 28 March 2008 on Thungthalaeyluang, Amphur Mueng, Sukhothai Province. Mr. Pornchai Minister considers appropriate to be taken in such areas urgently. We have to coordinate with the province. Building sector increased at fields high seas province.
  • Mueng Phon Botanic Garden, Khonkaen
            Mueng Phon Botanic Garden, Khonkaen is another branch of the Botanical Garden Organization, Thailand originated since 2002 due to the policy of establishing regional botanical gardens in the principle plant diversity area of Thailand. The garden has an approximately 1,530 Rai of area. Located on North-East, Thailand. And the purposes are collecting saline plants such as Maytenus marcanii Ping Mov (Celastraceae) and Azima Samentosa (Blume Benth.)(Salvadoraceae) and to be a plant learning center for North-East of Thailand.
  • Rayong Botanic Garden
            Rayong Botanic Garden is a center of wetland plants to collect, display, conserve, showing biodiversity of forest beaches which are the allure of the area that left in a natural state of the East.